How Do You Vacation?

Did you go on vacation a lot when you were a kid? 

Did you travel by plane, trains or automobiles?

Did you stay in a tent, a hotel or all inclusive resorts?

What was the most memorable get away you have ever been on?

What made it so memorable?

What’s with all the questions anyway?

I remember going camping a lot as a kid.  My parents had a large group of friends and we would pack up our pop up camper, load a trailer full of canoes and fill up ice chests of food that would last all weekend!   These families all had kids mostly all the same age and us kids would just play, ride bikes and play some more!  During the day we would float down rivers in canoes and in the evenings we would sit around campfires and catch fireflies.  Classic camping trips!

My grandparents took us on vacation once.  My dad had a work van and we all loaded up all my aunts, their kids and my family in that passenger van and went to Branson!  We went to a show, we stayed in a hot motel and shopped in every souvenir shop that we could find.  It was so fun!

I hadn’t flown anywhere on vacation till I was in high school.  My parents took my brother and I to California to Disneyland and also to reminisce where they used to live after they got married while my dad was in the Navy.  That was a memorable vacation!

I hadn’t been out of the country till I got married and we went to Cancun on our honeymoon!  I had never seen such beautiful water, ridden on a scooter all over an island and watched the waves crash into a beach day and night in my entire life.

Since then we have traveled to several countries, with friends, sometimes, just our family, several types of vacations and taken our kids on most of them!  We love to travel!

Going from a pop up camper, to a hot motel, to staying in VRBO’s, I have to say, I like how we vacation now!  

Having a comfortable place to spread out, fix some of our own meals and having a centrally located place that fits our whole family makes for the best memories for vacations now!  

But the common denominator in all those different vacations was, being with family and friends!  

How do you like to vacation?  

Where do you like to stay?