Clarie by the fireplace

Welcome to The Dennis Place!

I’m Clarie, and I’m happy to meet you!

The Dennis Place is so much more than just a place to stay for the night.

It’s about family and going to the lake and eating smores and making memories at the cabin and gathering all your family and friends.

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Come on in and see what’s going on! 

I assist with ideas and intentions to make people feel extra special! Sometimes I execute it and then sometimes I don’t.  I invite you into our “places” where we find fun ways to bring EXTRAORDINARY to the ORDINARY!

I have a deep desire to serve others in extraordinary ways that have specific intentions to build them up.  Whether it is little things in your home or special occasions, throughout the year, I’m all about making it BIG!

Join me on wherever your journey has you RIGHT NOW to bring “Extraordinary to the Ordinary!”

In our home we have  4 kids (only 2 of the kids still sleep in our home) and a new son-in-law that I’m super proud of them all! My kids ages range from 24 to 10 currently and I never would have imagined myself with 4 kids. I work every day but my favorite job in the whole world is to be their mom! With 4 kids and a husband that keeps me busy but I am always being accused of being EXTRA!

Come back soon!

More about the cabin

The Dennis Place Experience

I love to visualize everyone’s reaction!

I love to think of memorable things to do for holidays, how and when we travel and in their homes!

I love to imagine huge treasured experiences!

When I was doing a personal examination of my personality type and evaluating what my motivation is for wanting to serve in this capacity. After making lists and lists of things that I enjoy and take delight in. It all came down to one word! Experiences! It’s how I want people to feel when they are with me, when they come to one of our “Places”,  or when I plan something for them!

The planning and the organizing of the experience lights me UP! I get so excited and I can imagine how it will make them feel!

I’m all about the experience!!!!

This will be eclectic collection!

It might be a party on the porch that I’m planning! It may be a cottage I’m decorating! It may be an itinerary I’m putting together for a trip!

Come along with me and do your own imagining and “doing”! Plan, organize and make your own experience for someone! You will get all the feels making someone’s ordinary day into an extraordinary day!

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

with my kids!

Listening to

80’s or accapella

grateful for

my family & friends

Favorite place

Turks & caicos

my weekends

i like them full

My guilty pleasure

planning experiences

My Favorite memory making idea

My Favorite Decorating Post

The Dennis Place Family Photo

Where this all began

It all began over 25 years ago when Dusty and I said I do! We bought a trailer house at an auction and a few acres to put it on and so it began!

We had our first baby girl and the day we had her we closed on our ranch. We quickly began building a barn-dominium. Got it built and moved in just in time to have baby girl number two! Lived there while we started building fences, starting a heard of cattle and making this land our home.

Several years later Mr. Tuker came along and we were out of room, so our dream home was started. Every weekend, every evening and every spare minute was devoted to building it from the ground up.

But God has a sense of humor and said you need one more to call it your family, so Sadie Grace was number four!

Macy is married now and Kali is independent and on her own and having everyone in one location is getting harder and harder to come by. So we decided to have a place that we could all gather to have fun, to make memories and to have a home away from home, so we want to share The Dennis Place with you!

Somewhere that you can gather your loved ones. A place to laugh, a place to relax, a place to take long walks through the pine trees, to eat and talk, to get out on the lake, to celebrate, and just be together!

We hope The Dennis Place will become Your Place!