Escape the Chill: Cozy Up to Hochatown’s February Activities

February is stuck between new year’s resolutions and spring sunshine. It is sometimes seen as a month to endure, not embrace. It seems like all that February has going for it, is that it has Valentine’s Day smack dab in the middle of it.  If it didn’t, we might just skip it all together! 

When my girls were in grade school, I came up with an idea for a gift for Valentine’s Day every year that they could receive at school. I bought teddy bears, not the giant ones, just the nice sized ones big enough for cuddling. 

I tied a bag of their favorite candy onto one of its paws and dropped it by the school to be delivered to them for Valentine’s Day.  They LOVED it! 

After a few days passed, I would confiscate the bear and hide it up high in the laundry room in a cabinet where they couldn’t reach.  Then the next year for Valentine’s Day I would retrieve the bears, add a new bag of candy to the paw and have it delivered!  They LOVED it, and they never remembered it was the same bear as last year! 

I did this for many years till they finally figured it out, but by then it was funny and a great memory for us all!   

 If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, I’ve got the perfect antidote to the winter blues: a getaway to Hochatown, where love isn’t just for Valentine’s Day, it’s the secret ingredient in a whole month of family fun.

Forget the weatherman’s pronouncements – in Hochatown, Groundhog Day is about cozy cabins, crackling fires, and laughter echoing through the pines. Start your weekend with a traditional sausage and pancake breakfast, fuelled by anticipation for the day’s adventures.

Explore charming shops, hunt for unique treasures, and warm up with hot cocoa after an invigorating winter walk on a trail. Then, settle in for a classic viewing of “Groundhog Day,” starring  Bill Murray’s hilarious time loop while creating your own memorable moments. Repeat (with a twist!) on Sunday and turn Groundhog Day into a delightful weekend ritual in Hochatown! 

Gather your closest friends and transform your Hochatown cabin into a football fiesta!

Rent the biggest cabin you can find, deck it out in your team’s colors, and get ready for a weekend of gridiron glory.

Set up a snack station with enough nachos to fuel an army, have prizes for your score prediction pool, and settle in for the big game on your cabin’s big screen.

Wear your team jerseys, scream, cheer, and celebrate together – it’s all part of the Super Bowl magic in Hochatown.

There are so many lovely ways to show your love in Hochatown!  Bring the whole family for a get away.  Have everyone help make their favorite meal, have everyone tell what characteristic they love about each other and find a group activity to go together like an escape room or ax throwing. 

Believing in each other’s good intentions, holding onto hope even in the face of doubt, and enduring challenges is what makes the strongest families.  A cozy reminder that sometimes, the best moments are the simplest ones.

While some crave comfort, others yearn for an adrenaline rush. Host a Daytona 500 watch party in February! 

Hochatown caters to the need for speed too! Rent an ATV and zoom through the rugged terrain, unleash your inner explorer on a Jeep tour, or soar above the treetops in a helicopter, savoring breathtaking bird’s-eye views of the landscape.

Feel the wind whip through your hair, the sun warm your face, and the thrill of adventure. Hochatown’s variety of activities ensures everyone gets their fix, from quiet reflection to heart-pounding excitement.