Thanksgiving Get Away

 I grew up in a small town and was blessed to have both sets of my grandparents in the same town. We always ate Thanksgiving with my dad’s family the evening before because my aunt was a nurse and she always volunteered for the holiday shift. 

So on Thanksgiving Day we went to my mom’s family dinner.  My grandpa was an old cowboy that got up early every morning and did chores. Fed horses, watered and fed his hound dogs and then headed to his concrete plant job.  When we all showed up at this farm for Thanksgiving he always “acted like” we were going to eat all their food, we were going to stay way too long, and he for sure didn’t want us staying around for dinner.  

As he helped carry food dishes in and all our necessities for the day,  complained there were way too many of us there wanting to eat.  So he always greeted us every year offering us popcorn and apples.  He would want us to get full on popcorn and apples and then maybe we would go on home to eat there instead of at his house.  We would just give him a hug, he would laugh and we all would come on in and enjoy a long Thanksgiving Day meal. We always stuck around for leftovers and another piece of pie for dinner.  He would have been disappointed if we would have left early, if the truth be known.  

 Are you planning a Thanksgiving getaway to Hochatown in November?

Many families and friends opt for Hochatown cabin rentals to celebrate Thanksgiving all month long in a unique and peaceful setting. Gathering in a cozy cabin with loved ones, surrounded by the beauty of the season, is an experience like no other. A Thanksgiving in Hochatown is bound to create cherished memories.

Some things you can do while you are there throughout the month would be looking for fall foliage.  One of the primary draws to Hochatown in November is the stunning fall foliage. There is a kaleidoscope of colors that paint the surrounding forests. This is the perfect time for nature enthusiasts and photographers to capture the breathtaking beauty of the region. Expect Instagram-worthy moments around every corner.

Maybe you’re planning a Friendsgiving!  The first thing I would do is go get picnic supplies from the local market and plan a picnic out on the Friends Hiking Trail Loop.  Packing an ice chest full of food so you can spend the day just relaxing out in nature! Spending time outside with your friends is another great memory for everyone.

 November in Hochatown offers excellent outdoor activities for nature lovers. Hiking trails, get a fishing guide, go on a safari drive through are all to be enjoyed outside! There are several restaurants with outside seating where you can enjoy the outdoor cooler temperatures.   With cooler temperatures and fewer crowds than the summer months, it’s the ideal time to explore the pristine landscapes, embrace the serenity of the area and enjoy all the amenities that Hochatown has to offer.

So, if you’re planning a November getaway to Hochatown, make sure to book your cabin early, get your menu planned out and get the guest list made!  Whether you’re drawn by the fall foliage, the promise of cozy nights by the fireplace, or the allure of outdoor adventures, Hochatown has it all in abundance. Embrace the enchanting atmosphere of this charming destination, and create memories that will last a lifetime.