Tailgating in Hochatown Is A Thing!

As a mom, I started this school year out strong! I had made the lunch grocery list and used Pinterest to find the trendiest way to serve lunch to my kids in the super cute new containers I had bought at the downtown boutique. 

I set my alarm an extra thirty minutes early so I would be able to fix a nutritional breakfast and serve it up with a smile every morning. 

But we have officially hit September and I’m already losing steam but I’m going to do my best to keep it up at least this month haha!  But as school routines settle in I’m ready to escape to a cozy cabin in Hochatown!

Go for a coffee run or make a coffee bar.

Isn’t it time yet where the air turns crisp, we can light up the firepit and pumpkin spice permeates every corner?  Okay maybe not quite yet but we are getting close! 

Football season has also started!  Is there anything better than a Friday night in the lights and then kicking back on the couch to watch your favorite college team on Saturday! 

Tailgating in Hochatown is a thing!  It’s a perfect time to gather all the old college friends for the big game!  The early games call for a brunch!  TOUCHDOWN!!!! 

Printing off some old college pictures of you and your friends before you get together at Hochatown would be so entertaining!  Recreating old pictures with new ones would definitely add for some laughs! Talking about old times but all the while making new memories.  

A bagel bar for the WIN!

If you have an early game time you need a menu that is simple, but satisfying, so a bagel bar and fresh fruit for the WIN!   I’m all about that bagel spread, so grab a variety of flavors to suit a variety of guests: cream cheese, peanut butter and Nutella. 

Add a fruit filled charcuterie board, you can preorder one of those before you get into town that’s ready to go, or you can put it together yourself!  A fruit charcuterie board makes a masterpiece all on its own, just add an array of everyone’s favorites! 

Going for a coffee run at one of the Hochatown coffee hot spots or hosting your own coffee bar in your cabin would be a great start to gameday!  Adding juice or fruit infused waters round out the spread perfectly. 

Ordering cups with your team’s mascot weeks before the tailgating fun begins just adds to the whole weekend theme!  No matter the team, you’re sure to SCORE big with your crew on gameday!

The afternoon games call for firing up the grill out on the deck! 

When you book your stay in Hochatown make sure you get one that has the outdoor TV where everyone can get loud and cheer!  When making plans for the game make sure everyone knows to wear their game jerseys and a group picture is a must and will be treasured for years! 

have a family game night

If you love games but don’t have a favorite team, then host your own game night tournament. 

A spades tournament, rock, paper and scissor tournament, or a cornhole tournament. Dividing everyone up into teams, or drawing teams is a great way to get to talk to everyone and make everyone get involved. 

Preprinted score cards are a personalized touch that can be printed before everyone arrives and might be a keepsake or at least bragging rights till the next time you get together.

Having a small entry fee and the winning team gets the money pot also makes a friendly game even more competitive.  Prizes for high score and low score would be amusing to hand out at the end of the evening!

Whether you are headed to Hochatown to watch the big game or have your own game night, it will be an experience that everyone will feel like a winner!