What To Do In A Heat Advisory

I can’t even bring myself to say it’s August! 

I know it’s getting to that time of summer when the heat is wearing us down and we are craving some relief. 

Some of you, due to the heat, might even be starting to think about pumpkin spiced drinks, flannel and football season!

But don’t rush it, there will be plenty of time for all those fall photos! 

Let’s just enjoy the end of summer!  But because it is hot outside and if you aren’t bringing your boat to Broken Bow to stay cool outside, then you may want to find some inside activities that you can do in your cabin! 

Set up a coloring station in your cabin for the kids

Bringing everyone’s favorite type of coloring book that fits their level of coloring.  Who doesn’t love a new clean picture to color? 

Bring brand new boxes of crayons to go with it, a new box of 24 would be thoughtful but if you want to be the crowd favorite bring the box of 64!

Everyone loves an ice cream sandwich! 

But how about making your own homemade ice cream sandwiches! 

You could have a group making a batch of cookies.  Have some homemade ice cream churning in the background for the middle of the sandwich!  Putting out chocolate sprinkles, mini chocolate chips  or some pecans chopped up to roll on the sides of the sandwiches, will be sure to be a hit and a fun reward to eat when you are done!

A great way to beat the heat would be to have an old fashioned water balloon fight! 

Dividing up into teams and making a strategy of how to bomb the other teams with water balloons would get everyone involved!

Having a few water balloon games figured out to play ahead of time will make the afternoons in the heat bearable!  A splash of cool water will be just what you need to get through the heat of summer in Hochatown! 

In August is National Book Lover’s Day!

I don’t read a lot but when I come to Hochatown I always want to bring a book to relax at the cabin. 

If you don’t bring a book then you might take time to go to one of the antique shops, vintage stores or trading posts and sift through old books. 

I love finding books where people have made comments or written to and from notes on the inside cover. These are great places to find these hidden treasures! 

If you have younger readers maybe they would like to make bookmarks!  This would be fun for all ages!

Treating  your favorite “bookworm” to a package of gummy worms or sour worms for an afternoon treat!

Or how about surprising your booklover with a clamp on reading light to encourage late night reading, it’s almost like they think it’s a “pass” to stay up later!  

A few more indoor cabin activities to beat the heat would have breakfast for dinner! 

A big batch of waffles that everyone could top their own with fruit or whipped cream! 

Before you hit the trails, have everyone make trail mix! 

Having different bowls of nuts, dried fruits and their favorite goodies will make the trail more enjoyable! 

Beat the heat in Hochatown this August and make some memories while doing it!